Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In which lists are written and promises made

Ooo a new blog.  Like new stationary.  All full of hope, promise and vows about neatness and punctuality.  Let's sully the first page:

So I decided to write a novel.  I've always wanted to write one.  I even started one when I was 21 but it fizzled out due to lack of planning, direction and commitment.  This one, as countless people have said before me, is different.

This time I'm not waiting for independent wealth, private space, acres of unoccupied time or anything else that might make the road smoother.  These are pipe dreams, for most of us at least. They're certainly pipe dreams for me.  I have a toddler, a husband, a farm, stupid numbers of animals, a garden and I'm about to embark on a course to help me build a career as a freelance proof reader and editor.

What do I have working in my favour?  Is there anything at all that might help counterbalance the long list of other things I should be doing?
  • An alarm clock
  • A sister
The alarm clock part probably doesn't need a lot of explanation.  Between 5am and 7am the farmer is milking and the toddler is sleeping.  That's two hours a day, every day.  Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  

The sister part probably does require a bit of something in the way of explanation.  Hannah Davison is one of those people who just does things.  If she wants something, she just dives in and finds a way to  make it happen.  Recently she decided she'd revive her freelance journalism career and get into writing for children.  So she just did.  No excuses, no fluffing around, she just got on with it.  Enrolled herself in a course, started writing again.  She found a way to juggle writing along with her other businesses and her children.  She inspired me to stop talking about it, to stop making excuses.  God knows none of us are getting any younger.  She filled me with enthusiasm and bravery.  Hopefully I'll be able to thank her for that later in the acknowledgements paragraph of a published book (you gotta have dreams baby).

Like many humans I am plagued with self doubt about my writing ability, my imagination, my self discipline.  However, this blog is designed to give me some accountability. I've said I'm going to do it, so I'd better follow through. Want to join me? I can't be the only idiot in all of cyberspace harbouring this little dream.  Heard of NaNoWriMo? This is more of a 'National Novel Writing For As Long As It Takes 'Cos we've Got A Lot Going On But We'll Get There In The End.' I'll admit it's not a snappy title, which is why I went with Finish The Book.

That's goal number one: Finish the book.  Then we'll figure out where to go next.

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